Design machine

Design machine

Design drawing
1. Choose drawing profile from our knowledge base.
2. Design drawing according to machine using country
3. Design drawing according to customer script
4. Design drawing according to customer preference
5. Tell us general idea then put it into drawing
6. Fix drawing if there is something wrong
7. Fix drawing according to input coil width
8. Design drawing according to picture
9. Design drawing according to the actual sample

drawing design
Design machine
1. Design machine according to drawing the profile.
2. Design machine according to customer budget.
3. Design machine according to customer requirements according to each part elements.
4. Fix machine design plan if not very professional.
5. Recommend old customer machine in some country as the sample for field checking.
6. Design machine according to American standard.
7. Design machine according to German style.

cold roll forming machine design
When drawing and machine design finish and then we will give quality and put production according to the quotation and design plan.
So drawing profile will be checked by engineers, machine design plan will be double checked by the professional tech team, and the last product will be made by our professional installation and production team, the final machine will be perfect and no mistake.

cold roll forming machine design
Our slogan: Never let even one un-perfect machine out of our factory.


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