Cold roll forming machine

Floor deck roll forming machine

Product Details

Packing list-machine components
No. Name Unit Quantity Remark
1 5T decoiler set 1 manual
2 Main roll former set 1 Chains drive
3 PLC control station set 1 Delta brand
4 Hydraulic oil pump set 1 With cooling system
5 Product collect table set 1 Manual/3 m length

Floor decking roll forming line





Roll forming machine

Feeding&Guiding device Placed on the machine by seller  
Rolling shaft material 45# STEEL  
Shaft diameter 85 mm  
Roller material 45# steel  
Rolling station 32 stations  
Work speed 10-15 m/min  
Machine structure Middle plate welded frame  
Machine basic frame 400# H steel welded  
Bearing Roller bearing Famous brand of Harbin
Work power 30 kw (15 kw X 2) Two motor driving
Transmission By Chains With cover

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