Sheet cut to length machine

Product Details
Main parameters of the cut to length production line
Supported width 500-1600mm
Supported material thickness 0.4-2.0mm (cold rolled material and hot rolled material)
Supported Max weight 12T
Coil inner diameter 450-650mm
Outside diameter ≤1800mm
Working speed 60m/min
Cutting frequency 12-20 pieces per minutes (standard 1000×3000mm)
Length range 500-4000mm
Length tolerance ±0.5/mm
Diagonal accuracy ±0.5/mm
Total power ≈40kw(normally speaking is 37kw)
Decoiler direction From the right to left facing the control PLC
Size ≈21m×5.7m
Power Supply 380v/50hz/3 Phrase
Main elements of cut to length machine
1 Hydraulic single arm decoiler with loading car (12 Ton )
2 Leveling system of first time
3 Second time leveling for much accurately leveling
4 Rectifying device
5 Main cut to length machine for(4x2000mm)
6 Electrical controlling system
7 Conveyer belt
8 Hydraulic station
9 Hydraulicstocker full automatically type 3300mm
10 Runout table 3000mm

Hydraulic single arm decoiler with loading car
S/N Item Parameters
1 Main shaft This is the core part of the decoiler. It has four fan parts, By adjusting the fan expansion or not, we can finish loading coil to big or small part.
2 Position roller at back This shaft or roll is used for positioning the coil and make it steady when it works. Meanwhile it also fixes coil in case of loosing.
3 Transmission Transmission part in external frame, the motor, reducer through the chain driven reel spindle rotation, and also achieve positive and negative uncoiling and coiling.
4 ID ¢450-650-mm
5 Max loading weight 12 T
6 Structure This machine is a single cantilever hydraulic expansion type uncoiled, the spindle part, transmission part, support the composition


15 rollers leveling system
S/N Item Parameters
1 Leveling roller number 15
2 Leveling roller diameter 110mm
3 Roller material Hardness: 45Cr by HRC58-62 (straightening quenching, grinding.)
4 Main power 11 kw
5 Bearing Takes rolling bearing mode:22209
6 Power system Motor drive, driven by the speed reducer and then give power to gear
7 Reducer 155 type worm gear reducer
8 Structure The leveling roller container 15 rollers, 7 upper 8 down levelingroller.

metal sheet cut to length machine

steel sheet cut to length machine

GQ- intermediate bridge
S/N Item Parameters
1 The device is an auxiliary equipment of the production line, which is mainly composed of a transitional bridge, a left bracket and a base. Its role is the plate from the first entering the pit, the bridge rises plate into a parallel first machine; bridge lifting is controlled by a cylinder.

steel sheet cutting to length machine

metal sheet cut to length machine

Main cut to length part

Mainly elements of this part: left and right bracket, connecting rod, upper and lower turret, working table, drive motor and others

S/N Item Parameters
1 Max cutting thickness 2mm
2 Cutting width 1600mm
3 Main material Luo Si
4 Main power 5.5KW Servo Motor
5 Conveyor belt Belt length 7500mm, width 1450mm, motor 2.2kw.
6 Hydraulic station Composed by electromagnetic valve and an oil pump motor
         Roll servo sizing machine

Usage: This machine is mainly used for setting size. This part is composed by the following elements: traction axis and fixed axis, frame, the base, the transmission part, the servo motor and special gear reducer.

Main parameters;

1.Fixed roller diameter=120mm

2. Traction machine=50mm: 55% 40Cr frequency quenching surface hard chromium plating and polyurethane rubber shaft.

3.Fixed roller length:1700mm
4.Servo motor: 7.5kw Taiwan Delta

5.Reducer:Servo reducer

Shearing system (high speed cutting machine)

Main parameters

(1) The maximum shear thickness: 2mm

(2) Max width: 1600mm

(3) Motor power: 7.5KW
(4) Blade material: 9CrSi, servo coil feeding system.

     Fully automatic stacker
S/N Item Parameter
1 Height 2100mm
2 Length 3300mm
3 Width 2200mm
4 Loading weight 5000kg
Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is composed by the following elements: hydraulic station, a fuel tank capacity 300L, a solenoid valve, oil pump motor.

Pneumatic system

This part is mainly used for automatically stacker (for the gas, the customer needs to buy locally.)

sheet cut to length machine


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