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sigma purline rollformer line roll forming machine

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Sigma purline Roll Forming Machine

Configurations 3T manual decoiler,Feeding,flatten,punching,forming station,cutting

,Output table,Hydraulic station,Control desk,Spare part list

Material Raw material Galvanized  
Thickness 1,5 mm - 3,0 mm  
Finished products Profile height(h) 100 mm - 300 mm  
Flange width(b) 40 mm - 80 mm  
Flange height (c) 12 mm - 20 mm  
Maximum hole diameter deviation +2 mm/-0 mm  
Minimum finished product length at least 1500 mm  
Maximum finished product length at least 12000 mm  
Length tolerance: ±1.5mm per each pieces  


Inner Diameter 450-550mm  
Outer Diameter max 1500mm  
Max Coil width 500mm  
Capacity 3T  
Width of feeding 300mm  
Capability 3Ton  
Range of expand(by manual) 420mm—550mm  
Mode of expand &fight inner expand &fight by manual  
Way of feeding manual  
Color Blue (or base on customer request)  
Quantity 1  


Feeding type adjustable  
Feeding width range 200-600mm  
Entrance and guide roller diameter is ¢65mm, material is SAE1045, HRC48-52° surface with chrome


Quantity 1  
Adjustable center of the forming rollers and of sufficient length to prevent lateral movement of the strip on its entry to flattener.






Flattener roller: upper is 3 rollers, down is 4 stations(total is 7 rollers)  
Flattener roller material SAE 1045 thermal treatment hardness 48-52 HRC  
Diameter of flattener shaft ¢76mm, material is SAE 1045, hardening and tempering


Drive by motor: 5.5kw AC motor (Guomao of China)  
The quantity of leveler rolls must be planned according to thickness 1.5mm to 3.0mm.



Main Forming


Forming steps 20rollers  
Design type Guide column  
Machine frame Memorial arch  
shaft material 45# steel with tempering  
Work speed 5-15m/min  
Transport By gear  
Power of main machine 22kw  
Type of cutting and punching Hydraulic  
Cutting tolerance ±1mm  
Blade material GCr12MoV quenching treatment 58-60°  
Cutter quantity 1 set  
Working pressure 20MPA  
Thickness range 1.5-3.0mm  
Maximum production speed: not less than 10 meters per minute (for non-perforated profiles, excluding cutting)  
Machine Voltage, Frequency,



380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase  
Roller material ASTM52100 chrome plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree ,CNC,


Shaft diameter ¢76mm material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering  
Transmission by chain, one inch, double line  
Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel  
Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for adjust the leveling  
In the main roll forming machine have 2 buttons for urgency stop if happen any malfunction.  
Machine adopt iron cast as station to make machine in strong  
The main machine is with protection cover to keep safe  
To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover  
Output table Table for reception of the cut profiles with roller transporter allowing to unload  
Unloading of the finished products from the table of cut profiles manual  
Frame welding by tube  
Size: about 2.0m long*0.6mwide*0.9mhigh  
Supporter roller ASTM 1045 with chrome  
Diameter of rollers 55mm  
Color Blue or base on customer request  
Control Device Control By PLC
Touch screen Taiwan Weinview
Frequency converter brand Yaskawa, quantity: 2
Voltage, Frequency, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
PLC language As required
Touch screen Delta
Function Automatic length and quantity measurement



Hydraulic oil 46#
Hydraulic power 7.5kw
Cutting length As required
Working pressure 12-16Mpa adjustable
Solenoid valve: 2 groups (1 for pre-punching and 1 for cutting)
No distorting or wasting. High level safety factor.
Spare part list Name Quantity
bearing 10 units
Limit switch 6 units
Relay 4 sets
Screw + screw cap some pieces
Oil tube 4 unit
Screw for station 5 unit
Punching die One complete set (only punching head)
Tools: spanner, hex spanner and adjustable wrench and other correlative adjust machine tools


Sigma purline RollFormer line

Sigma purline RollFormer

Sigma purline RollForming line


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