high speed corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine

Product Details

Machine model Yx16x76,2x762mm
Feeding width 925mm
Machine speed 30-35m/min(including cutting time)
Sheet thickness 0,3--0,6mm,
Material hardness G550
Controlling Panasonic PLC
7 ton hydraulic de-coiler One set
Roll station 20 stations
Roller material Gcr15 steel after finishing, quenching HRC58-62 °C, surface chrome treatment
Shaft material and size 45# steel,diameter is¢65mm
Main power 5,5kw (servo power, Brand: An chuan)
Cutting method Post cutting system
Hydraulic press 12Mpa
Cutting blade material Cr12Mov, quenching HRC 58-62℃
Length tolerance 3m±1.5mm
Voltage 415V, 50HZ,3Ph
transmission 1,2 inch chain
The structural Middle plate
Machine color Blue
Machine size Length*width*height



Delivery time 60 days
payment 30% as deposit,70% as balance before shipping

The main features of each component:

Cutting device:

(1)    Cutting method:The main machine stops,then the cutting blade cut after measure the length;After finishing the cutting, the main machine body runs, and go on produce.

(2)    The cutting blade material:GCR12,after hot treatment quenching HRC58-62℃

(3)    Cutting length monitoring:Automatic length cutting

(4)    Cut length tolerance:3±1.5mm

Controlling box:Panasonic brand

(1)    Voltage:380V,50HZ,3ph

(2)    Automatic control length cutting

(3)    Automatically count production

(4)    The computer controls the length and quantity, and the control device automatically stops cutting to ensure the set production quantity.

(5)    Accurately modify the length tolearance

(6)   Control method: touch screen and button coexist

(7)    Length unit: mm (length on the touch screen)

Forming machine body:

(1) The structure is simple and the appearance is beautiful. Because the whole machine adopts the steel structure and the whole processing after welding, the structure is simple and reasonable, the storage capacity is strong, and the operation is stable and reliable.

(2) Other important components of the equipment and components are used in well-known domestic enterprises, which effectively guarantee the performance of the equipment.

(3) It adopts fully automatic fixed length forming punching and cutting, precise positioning and positioning, and the shape of the head and tail is beautiful and tidy without deformation.

(4) The equipment is easy to install and debug, suitable for factory production.

(5) The equipment is low in noise and high in work efficiency.

roofing sheet roll forming machine

roofing sheet rollformer line


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